To make a reservation for the Tango Festival Groningen (workshops or show nights), please follow the steps as described below.

1. Go to Dutch version of the Registration webpage. Choose a Username and fill in your e-mail address. A password will be sent automatically to this e-mail address.

2. Go to the Dutch version of the webpage where you would like to make a reservation for (workshops, show nights, passe partout). First fill in your Username + Password and click on the button Aanmelden.

Then fill in how many tickets (Plaatsen) you would like. Fill in the name of your dance partner when you make a reservation for a workshop. Then click on the button Reservering versturen (= send reservation).

3. You will get an e-mail in your mailbox saying that you made a reservation and that you need to wait for a confirmation mail. Once you’ve received that confirmation mail, please transfer the amount of money.
NOTE: you need to calculate the correct amount of money yourself!

After you’ve transferred the (correct!) amount of money, you are officially registered for the Tango Festival Groningen!