Go North! No fuss, just dance in a no-nonsense tango salon. With this motto we, Frank Mulder and Nicole Jeanette, organize on September 18, 19 and 20 2015 a tango festival in Groningen. Why? Because Groningen is the happiest city of the Netherlands. And because there’s already a fine tango scene. And especially because of Groningen is already feeling the hot breath of the tango for a long time and embraces it. Actually because we ourselves breathe tango.

That is why we are proud that we have managed to get two tango legends from Buenos Aires to Groningen: Pablo Inza and Sofía Saborido. During the day they organize workshops and in the evening they perform shows. A dance couple that radiates in everything: style, tention and intimacy.

Our location is as unique: we set up a large tent in the middle of the city, linked to the bar / tavern Oberland, where we serve a decent German meal from €12 and a three course menu from €20. For culinary details see the Oberland website.

Everyone is welcome, but registration is required. No mysterious thing, but purely to guide the ratio followers and leaders in the right direction. And, unfortunately, there is an upper limit; we can handle up to 300 tangueros / tangueras.

What’s more to know: on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th we host traditional salons in the evening. The night salon on Saturday and the lunch salons we play a mixed fuel of 70% traditional and 30%  neo- or nontango. Sit where you like, and we also like to maintain the usual trafficrules: the outer two lanes for dancers who want to dance undisturbed, and the area around the center spot for the more adventurous dancers. In short, ‘life is the dancer and you are the dance’. (Eckhart Tolle)

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