Date: zo 20 15:30 - 17:00
Artist: Kay Sleking
Level: All levels
Location: Ocho de Mayo

For more information contact:
Nicole Jeanette
+31-6-539 66491


During this workshop, the rhythmic and melodic basics of tango are explained, so you as a tango dancer can get more out of the music.

Each of the Orquesta Tipica Epoca D’oro (The Golden Age) has its own swing and characteristic way of using the musical layers. Kay Sleking shows how you can discover this musical world of accents and contrasts, even if you have no musical background.

The cost for this workshop are separate from the Pablo & Sofia workshops. The combination discount is not applicable here. There is an overview of all workshop and milonga prices on the price list.

Sorry for the inconvenience but the ordering system only works on the Dutch page for this workshop.

Workshop “Musicality for tango dancers” by Kay Sleking


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