Date: vr 18 - za 19 21:00 - 03:00
Artist: Kay Sleking & Friends
Level: .
Location: Oberland tent

For more information contact:
Nicole Jeanette

Opening night with Kay Sleking and Orchestra. Outside the performances by Kay the music is provided by DJ Michael Smith. The opening night will be traditional tango music.

Michael: “I think my job is to dig in my collection and trying to adjust to the time the music, the people and the space. That additional energy from the legs are tired. Hoping to see smiles of satisfaction at the end exhausted.

Big thanks to Peter Jonker for supplying the piano used in the performance.

There is an overview of graduated prices for multiple workshops on the price list.

Sorry for the inconvenience but the ordering system only works on the Dutch page for this milonga.

Milonga with Kay Sleking and DJ Michael Smith


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