Kay Sleking

Musician, leader of the orchestra, music teacher. You will love his sensitive and energetic music. Pure. Understands like no other how to play for dancers.

DJs Age and Sebastián

As DJ duo we complement each other and discuss the songs to play.

With a lot of effort we bring the tangos back to their original speed and pitch. We project title, orchestra, singer and the next tanda on the wall.

DJ Albert

DJ Albert is a DJ tango who connects tango with other music styles to create an atmosphere on the dance that excites dancers in their imagination.

DJ Don Carlos Goiach

Don Carlos Goiach, an internationally known tango DJ from Argentina, who lives in Oldenburg. Carlos is teaching tango in Oldenburg and he is DJing there, as well as in milongas of international tango festivals all around Europe. His music selection and its charm appeals almost every dancer: he is a magical DJ!

DJ Don Esteban

DJ Don Esteban (Stephan Cremer) from Neuss in Germany. Tanguero since 2001 and regular on route to regional milongas, tango festivals and marathons. His performances have taken him throughout Germany and a great deal of Europe. His passion are the great orchestras (Francisco Canaro, Carlos di Sarli, Juan d Arienzo, Anibal Troilo) from 1920 until the end of 1950.

DJ El Rojo

DJ El Rojo (Matthias Jasper) got involved in Argentinian tango after 10 years of ballroom dancing. He was captivated by the music and the warmth of the dance. As a DJ he works mostly in the Ruhr area.

If you ask him for his favorite Tango Era, his answer will be: “I don’t have it. Because every era has its own highlights.”

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Pablo y Sofia

Pablo y Sofia, their beautiful tango and their workshops, one of the reasons to come to the festival.

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