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8 thoughts on “Organisatie/Veranstalter/Organisation

  1. Hello !
    Unfortunatly the german translation doesn`t works… maybe it could be fixed, so I can get the whole informations.
    best regards, Regina

    1. Hello Regina,
      How nice that you like to book already! Yes the German translation button has problems, we hided it to have time to solve the problem. In the meantime, there are german texts at most items now, the rest will follow. If you have a specific question, do not hesitate to ask. With regards, Anne-Petra

  2. Hi,
    I booked 5 workshops as a follower for 6th and 7th of October. I am wondering? Will there be a platform to find a dance partner for this? Unfortunately my dance-partner cannot make it, he will be on vacation.
    Is there anything I need to do or can do?

    1. Hello Mariam, how nice that you’ll be with us all weekend! We will post a message on our facebook page, anonimous of course, for more leaders. We cannot guarantee you that it will provide you with a partner for the workshops. At this point, the amount of followers and leaders in every workshop is about the same. We don’t know if this will stay as it is of course. But the teachers will ensure your benefit of the workshop, single or not.
      STAG Team

      1. Hi,
        now that the workshops are full.
        Will there be a balanced leader/follower participation?
        October is approaching, looking forward to it. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    thank you for the wonderful organization of the Festival. I had the most wonderful time and my dance partners were all great.
    See you again next year!
    Best wishes,

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